Women’s Sport Week 1-7 June

What better way to start this blog than in Women’s Sport Week?  I have been contributing to Women’s Sports Week for Women’s Views on News.  In a series of articles I have previewed the Women’s World Cup, Women’s Ashes, Netball World Cup and Solheim Cup.  #WSW2015.

I’m really looking forward to the World Cup.  It will be a perfect relief from the FIFA saga.  I can’t pretend I’m not worried about the France game on the 9th, but I still think England will qualify for the knockout stages.

I also enjoyed listening to the tennis today.  Sorry Andy Murray couldn’t make the final, but blown away by Serena Williams, for the umpteenth time.  So many people are negative about her, but I think she’s incredible, nothing more nor less.  She had to fight for every point today even when she was one set and 4-1 up.  Safarova deserves every credit, but Serena’s power and precision is just awesome (in the proper sense of the word).


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