Off to Canterbury!

cricket2This week I’m off to Canterbury to watch the women’s Ashes Test.  I was privileged enough to be at Trent Bridge last Thursday to witness the best day of cricket I have ever seen.

I’m hoping the women can match it!

Anyway, the point of this post is not to boast of my travels, but to say that on my return I’m going to start a series of articles on the plethora of information out there for any woman wanting to get involved in sport, be it playing, coaching, officiating, reporting, administrating or whatever.

The profile of women’s sport is booming!  Websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook, podcasts, etc etc., are all there to be followed, accessed and disgested.  Some are mainstream, some are more niche, but all are worthy of your time and attention.  Many of the contributors work for the love of it.

There’s a whole lot of people and organisations out there trying to promote women’s sport.  The acronyms can be confusing, though, so if you can’t tell your WSUK from your WiSP keep reading!

Back next week from my sojourn in Kent, hopefully with England up with just the Twenty20s to go.


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