Half-term report

I’m just about six months into my year-long experiment to see if I can, at the advanced age of 46, become a half decent sports journalist.

You may remember that after a few weeks I posted an article entitled Writing opportunities are out there – when will I get paid?

Well, the news is, I still haven’t been paid for anything!  To be honest, I’m not surprised, because although the opportunities are indeed out there, they are by a vast majority, unpaid.

I have made some progress.  I’m enjoying writing the blog and have had some good and useful feedback.  I have been writing for Women’s Views on News and Women’s Sports UK. Neither is paid, but it has been good promotion for me and I have received good comments.  I am, as they say, “building a portfolio”.

I have finally pitched to another web publication (don’t know if it’s paid, but I suspect not), but haven’t had a reply.

I’ve joined the Women’s Sports Network and Women in Journalism and attended events organised by both.  Highly recommended.  I’m shaping my LinkedIn profile, to no great effect.

Although I’ve written some good stuff I don’t feel quite organised enough at the moment.  My foot injury and subsequent period of enforced inactivity have put me back somewhat, but I fear it may be deeper than that.

I have lots of ideas and am very good with deadlines, but I don’t think I’ve planned well enough what I’m going to be doing from day to day.  Consequently, while I was on the sofa with my foot up I let things drift.

I’m only just starting to get back to form now and am going to make more of an attempt to structure things better.  I never expected commissioning editors to be beating down my door, but I had expected to make more progress by now.  I think this is largely down to me and I need to rectify it as soon as possible.

So between now and Christmas, as well as posting the odd blog piece and articles for WVoN or WSUK  It’s going to be all about planning and focus, ready for a major assault on paying outlets in the new year.  I’ve not given up hope and I’m still sure I have something to offer, but I’ve got to step up my action if I’m going to get anywhere.

Wish me luck – can’t help thinking I’ll need it.