Back to Netball (after 30 years) – Part 4

So here I am at third actual week of active netball. And it’s all going surprisingly well. Each week I seem to have recovered better than the last, which is good. And I think I’m improving, in fact we all are.

This week it’s all about passing and footwork again – Val is determined that we will know what foot we’ve landed on….

So we’re jumping and hopping like, er, well, would fleas be too horrible a simile? Ok, fleas it is. And making sure we know where and how we’re landing. Pivoting to turn to face to person we are passing the ball to, making sure we’re balanced. Sounds easy? Well it’s not.

We go into one of Val’s fiendish drills which, at first, we’re all laughing at and thinking we’ll never get the hang of. Then the concentration hits and you can see it in every face. Not only are we going to get it right, but we’re going to get faster at it, a well-oiled machine.

I think it’s time for one of my ridiculous diagrams:

part 4 no1








Good grief, we were all over the place to start off with, but it really did get better. By the time we stop we’ve just about got it right and everyone is (rightly) pleased with themselves.

Then we do another drill, and, I have to confess, even now I’m not quite sure how it worked. It needed three to a group and we had a group of four so each of us took a turn to sit out. I was quite happy for my turn on the sidelines to come, and I couldn’t even understand it watching it from the outside!

Here it is (I think)

part 4 no 2

It was then complicated further by Val shouting change, at which point the sequence went the other way. I’m afraid I didn’t have a Scooby, although I tried hard!

To my intense relief, we ended the drill and got into a game. This time we not only got points for scoring but also for good footwork.

All good fun, and I say, I think we’re all improving.

I did have one star moment when, as a ball seemed to be sailing over my head, I leapt like a salmon (probably not much like one, in truth) and plucked it out of the air, earning a round of applause!

However, I’ve realised the sad truth – I’m waiting for Val to have a Hagrid moment

 “You’re a netballer, Penny!”

 But it’s not going to happen.

Even worse there is now a photo of me in action – cheers Emma, I’m so glad you took that…….





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