Back to Netball – part 6



So sorry for the delay, life has a tendency to get in the way and while I appreciate you’re all waiting agog to find out if we continue our netball adventures alone (or, as I’ve taken to calling it, unleashed) I really haven’t had chance to write it up until now.

So, quick recap. Friday 1st April was our last session of netball with Val, our coach, as part of the Just Harborough scheme.

Good turnout for the last session and everyone is a bit emotional. Good job we’re also practical and realise we have to discuss our future – if we have one.

The session unfolds as usual. Warm up, bit of a jog. Some passing and footwork and then some games with bean bags! I must admit I’m of the opinion that life is so much better with bean bags – I don’t mean the sitting-on kind, but those little rectangular ones we used to have at school for use in games.

So here we are, running, passing, picking up bean bags. The intensity is almost palpable as we have been assured there are prizes at stake. Two teams fighting to the death.  We then go into a game with the emphasis on footwork and passing, rather than scoring.


You are spared the drill diagrams this week as you really don’t need to see how we pick up a bean bag, but hopefully you’ll appreciate the photos.





By the time we’ve finished (and our team lost, by the way – mutter mutter), we’re happily sweaty (or glowing, depending on which century your perception comes from) and ever so slightly knackered.

020Val has medals – yes medals – for us all and Emma, the organiser of the scheme, turns up to distribute hats (yes I am wearing one and yes it looks silly) and t-shirts.

In return we have a card and flowers for Val and she is suitably embarrassed.




So what do we decide to do? We decide to carry on of course. There are enough of us to commit to ten more weeks and pay for the court in advance. Emma informs us that the sports centre has committed to buying balls and bibs (can they stretch to bean bags, we think? But that is for another time).

We’re going to have our own Facebook group and try to encourage new members in. Emma will help us with marketing materials and we’ll try to get some media coverage. We won’t have a coach, a) it’s too expensive b) there’s a ridiculous shortage of netball coaches in Leicestershire c) we really need a “leader” or “activator” level coach, but such a thing doesn’t exist anymore in netball.

Ce--iZnXIAAQf1VSo, essentially, we’re on our own. We have some paperwork from Val, plus my inscrutable drill diagrams to see us through. But that’s not all we have. We have determination and no small amount of bolshiness, which, I feel, may be our winning factor. We’ll take it in turns to run the drills and try to expand our knowledge of the game through reading and YouTube!

Make sure you catch up with part 7 when you will learn just what we got up to in our first netball “unleashed” session.


And at this point I would like to thank Val and Emma for being behind us all the way in our endeavours – and especially to Val who insisted we have all improved so much since we started. Our group is living proof that it doesn’t matter how old you are, what shape or size you are, exercise can be fun, not pressurised, and good for both body and soul!


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