Introducing the Fleckney Rogues – AKA Back to Netball after 30 years part 7


I’m well aware that my netball blogging has been seriously lax of late. I plead mitigation – life has just got in the way yet again. Added to which I’ve had several interesting assignments writing-wise, which hopefully you’ve been keeping up with.

So I’ve decided to merge the highlights of the last five sessions together and give you a flavour of just what has been going on.

As you may have guessed we now have a new name – the Fleckney Rogues. And indeed we are getting more roguish by the session!

Good turnout for the first session gave us encouragement. We discussed roughly how we thought it would work, noted who was there and likely to turn up in future weeks. We had enough people to pay up front for 10 weeks. Armed with only Val’s notes and the ridiculous diagrams from my previous posts, we attempted to run a session. Did it work? Yes it did.

We found a bag of balls and two sets of bibs waiting for us. Apparently they had been found at the back of the cupboard! Unfortunately only two of the balls were fully pumped up, but still.

We did a warm-up and worked on a few of the drills we had done before. This worked relatively well. Admittedly, it took up to five minutes each time to decide if we were doing each drill correctly, but once we were sorted there was no stopping us!

One of our favourite drills is going up the court in pairs. You’ll have seen this before, but it looks something like this:



It’s really good for passing, footwork and you get to shoot at the end. When there are enough players for two pairs we turn it into a contest and you get one point for hitting the hoop and two for getting it in. First to ten points wins.

For the first three weeks it all went well. I missed one week because I was “sunning myself” (tee hee) in the Peak District.


Fourth week was hard as there weren’t many of us.

I have to say, at this point, that I’m writing the second half of this blog after five weeks in. And now I’m quite worried. Fourth week, as I say, there weren’t many of us, but we made sure we did a good session and worked hard.

Fifth week Val was due to visit us to see how we were getting on. Naturally we wanted a good turnout for Val to be impressed. We were three. Val was brilliant, as always, even though she’d come out of the goodness of her heart to see us and we were so few. We had a great session, full of fun and laughter, and Val actually said how much we’d improved. As she wasn’t getting paid for this, I think she meant it! She was impressed with our footwork and our shooting.

Val also gave us a couple of new drills to try. At this point I was going to add a new picture, but confused myself so you’ll have to imagine us in a triangle with Val in the middle, pass turn left pass turn left run (I think). And then we turned the other way – if I tried to draw it it would look like spaghetti!

And joy of joys, I got to do a bit of defending! Val said she always puts the defending in place last, but now it was time we got into it. If you get the ball skills, footwork and passing in place first, then defending should fall into place.

I practiced marking Val! Great fun. She was showing how you have to move to outsmart a defender (she didn’t) and how you can get in front of your marker rather than stay behind (she didn’t). She also said that instead of moving in straight lines, the attacker should be prepared to go on a diagonal to get past the defender (she didn’t). Gosh, I enjoyed that.

Something like this:


We thanked her profusely and went home happy, but there is a niggle in my mind now; will the Fleckney Rogues keep going without new blood? Will the usual suspects still turn up or will it drop off? At this moment, I don’t think I can plump either way, but I just hope we can carry on.

I’ll try not to leave it another five weeks before the next instalment. And I hope I have something positive to report next time.




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