Five reasons you should be supporting women’s sport


It’s Women’s Sports Week and although there are many reasons we should support women’s sport, here are just five to get you going.

1)  It’s got to get bigger and the only way it can is if we       support it.  I know this sounds like three-line-whip talk, or even blackmail, but I’m not averse to that.  If we want the next generation to have an even better chance, we need to support it now.  Get out there, watch it, talk about it, tweet about it, read about it (and if you can’t read about it, hassle your favourite newspaper until they cover it), join a club, like a Facebook page – you get the idea.

2)  It’s good for you.  If watching is not your thing, why don’t you get out and do it?  Be a part of it.    I’m not going over the reasons for getting active because you should all know them by now.  But if you can’t start in Women’s Sports Week, when can you?

3)  It’s fun.  Whether you’re in the crowd or on the court, the more you take part, the better it gets.  Make friends in the crowd, in a class or while you’re training to be a cricket umpire!  The social side of sport shouldn’t be ignored.

4)  It’s cheap!  You can see world class football, rugby, netball, etc, for a fraction of the cost of watching most men’s sport.

5)  Probably most importantly, generally it’s good (and getting better)!  Take football, for example.  If you’re not sure you like football, if you’ve only seen the Premier League on TV (and let’s face it, you’ve got little chance of seeing anything else) you may think it’s all about rolling round on the ground feigning injury and spitting a lot.  Or it’s about chanting as many offensive phrases as you can and being as aggressive as possible.  Well, try a women’s match.  The WSL season may be coming to an end, but there’s plenty of lower league local stuff out there.  And the atmosphere is completely different.  You can take the kids without embarrassment.

And before you say it, I realise most of the narrative of this post is aimed at women, but I’m glad to say there are many men out there promoting women’s sport as enthusiastically as I am.

Women’s Sports Week is a brilliant initiative.  It is a call to action.  But one week a year won’t cut it.  Every week should be Women’s Sports Week.  

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