Shocking sexist claptrap

rugby ballGlasgow Herald publish the worst sporting sexism I’ve seen in a while

Shade Munro, former Coach of Glasgow Warriors (Scottish CLUB side) has left the club to take over as coach of the Scotland women’s NATIONAL side.  Fantastic for him, you may think.  A real step up to move from club to country.

Well, not according to David Kelso in the Glasgow Herald and the former players he has interviewed.

Apparently, “The move has been met with criticism and sympathy for Munro”.

Former Glasgow and Scotland player, Cammy Mather, is quoted as saying

“This is a massive slap in the face for Shade…To put him in charge of the women’s team would be an enormous demotion.”

Another ex-Glasgow forward, Muff Scobbie also weighs in with

“To offer him a job coaching women is such a waste of talent.”

It was with some trepidation that I read on to the comments section at the bottom of this article, only to be pleasantly surprised that the majority of the comments, mainly from men, took issue with the tone of the piece with one summing it up nicely,

“Well, what do you expect from David Kelso? Ignorant and proud of it from his previous mysognistic rants. Perhaps if someone interviewed Shade Munro we might get some truth.”

Exactly right.  Presumably Munro had to apply for the job?  He was “offered” it, so he could have turned it down if he’d considered it to be beneath him?  I’d certainly be interested to get the view from Munro himself.

Meanwhile Scottish women’s rugby has to suffer the indignity of being the butt of this shocking piece of sexist claptrap.  I thought the days of the women’s game, any game, being judged as a distant second class were slowly dying out, but not if this article is anything to go by.